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Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of the “Leadership for Change – A Sustainable Morocco Academy,” a collaborative initiative between Youth for Climate Morocco (Y4CM) and the renowned IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Held at the Sweden Embassy in Rabat and under the patronage of His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Jörgen Karlsson, this project radiates innovation, education, and environmental empowerment.

Spanning four inspiring days, the academy harnessed the collective wisdom of sustainability experts, captivating participants with essential themes. “Sustainable Cities” celebrated Stockholm’s model for urban sustainability, while “Waste Management” unveiled Swedish innovations through workshops and enlightening field visits.

A symphony of learning crescendoed with “Water Resilience,” exploring solutions to protect this invaluable resource. Field visits to the Loudden wastewater treatment plant immersed participants in the practical realities of conservation. The ElectriCITY project illuminated the path to energy sustainability, showcasing innovative ideas and initiatives.

Guided by partnerships with IVL and the Swedish Institute, this academy symbolized the shared commitment to nurturing sustainable leadership. Moroccan youth were not merely participants; they emerged as catalysts of change, equipped with knowledge and motivation to steer their communities towards a greener, more resilient future.

The “Leadership for Change – A Sustainable Morocco Academy” encapsulates Y4CM’s ethos of driving positive impact through youth-led action. It amplifies the voices of young leaders, empowering them to shape a sustainable destiny for Morocco and the world. Join us in this visionary journey, where knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration merge to create a more sustainable tomorrow.